Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I Learn While I Play part 2

When I Play with Playdoh I am Learning...
  • to see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill
  • concepts of shape, length, height, and size
  • to see negative space when cookie cutter shapes are taking away
  • to express feelings when squeezing and pounding
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity
  • that the amount of a substance remains the same even when the shape changes.

When I Play with Scissors I am Learning...
  • to control the small muscles of my hand
  • concepts of shape, size, color, and location
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity

When I Play with Pegboards I am Learning...
  • one-to-one correspondence, an essential math concept
  • to make and repeat patterns
  • creativity and self expression
  • concepts of addition as I add one piece at a time
  • colors
  • symmetry, shapes, order, and design
  • eye-hand coordination, a writing skill

When I Sort Things I am Learning...
  • to notice details, likenesses, and differences in objects
  • to form categories, an essential concept for reading and math
  • concepts of color, size, and shape
  • numerical concepts of more or less
  • logical reasoning

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