Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Learn While Playing (part 1)

What looks to many adults like simple fun and games is actually focused, purposeful, and thoughtful learning. Below you will find a number of the things your child learns while "playing" at different activities.

When I Paint I am Learning...
  • to develop my imagination and creativity
  • hand eye coordination, a pre-writing skill
  • the names of colors and how to make new colors
  • to distinguish and purposely create shapes
  • to notice patterns, a pre-reading skill
  • to express my feelings and ideas
  • that my ideas have value
  • relationships of space and size, necessary for mathematics
  • concepts of symmetry, balance and design

When I Scribble I and Draw I am Learning...
  • to hold and control a pencil or other writing instrument
  • hand-eye coordination
  • to exercise my creativity and imagination
  • that my ideas have value
  • concepts of color, shapes, size and location
  • to express myself with words that describe my drawing

When I String Beads I am Learning...
  • hand-eye coordination
  • concepts of color, shape, and location
  • math concepts such as "more", "less", "longer" and "shorter"
  • pride in accomplishment

When I Play with Glue and Collage Materials I am Learning...
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity
  • concepts of shape, size, location, and design - relevant to learning to read
  • about things that have different textures
  • how to create patterns and designs, a math skill
  • to distinguish positive and negative space, a reading skill

WOW!! Did you know your kids learned so much without us even being aware of it?

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