Monday, January 31, 2011

Letter from a 3 Month Old

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

We are really "talking" now! I recognize your voices from other peoples' voices, and will look at you to show that I recognize you. I can let you know what I want by my different kinds of cries. You can tell I'm having fun because I smile, coo and kick my feet or move my arms. When I'm tired or not interested in something, I might stiffen my body and turn my head. When you talk to me, it lets me know you love me. I love it when you look at me, sing and talk to me.

I'm also starting to play more and more, as I have longer periods of time when I'm awake. One of my favorite things is a rubber or plastic ring. I love to put stuff in my mouth. Here are some other things I like to do:
  • Lie on my tummy and watch you roll a ball in front of me - I can hold my head up for about 10 seconds now!
  • Watch you ring a bell or squeak a toy for me
  • Play with brightly colored rubber or plastic toys in the bath
  • Watch you blow bubbles and try to reach for them
  • Look at and grab for things above my head (like a mobile) while you're changing my diaper
I also like to be outside a little bit every day. When you take me outside, be sure to keep an eye on me in case I become too hot (look flushed or sweaty) or too cold (shivering or goose-bumpy), because my body temperature isn't always the same as a grown up's. And don't forget the sunscreen and hat!

Love and baby kisses,

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