Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Online Story Time

Ok, this is cool! I just found this while doing a little link hopping (bad habit of mine, but sometimes I find some real gems) This is a free read-a-loud story time on the Barnes and Noble website. Each month an author or celebrity reads a book that your child can watch and listen to on-line.


This month is Llama, Llama, Home with Mama by Anna
Cover Image

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Target Children's Book Festival

  I stopped to get coffee this morning so I could make it through church and there was an advertisement on the cup insulator for Target's Children's Book Festival. This is at the Hyland Lake Park Reserve. Ok, I'm curious, what is a book festival. How handy that there was also a website for me to go find out more about it. First thing I noticed: FREE! Well, it can't get much better than that.

Free: musical performances
Free: story readings

Activities for kids age 2-10, did I mention it's free?

This is the schedule of events

Here is the link to the map for parking

I have to plug one of the musical groups. My daughter is SOOOOO excited to see Choo-Choo Soul. This is seen on Disney channel or on their website. Autumn LOVES Geneveive and is always be-bopping around the house singing bits of these songs. 
Want a sneek peek?