Monday, February 14, 2011

Picky Eaters

Do you have a picky eater or multiple picky eaters who all eat different things? Here is a fun and inventive solution to getting your kids to try new things.

Muffin Tin Mondays

Here is a link to the blog where I found this great idea! Muffin Tin Meals I've tried this with my own picky eating 4 year old and I was amazed at how well it worked. We've done two Mondays so far and I'm having fun with it. It is fun to try and see what creative ways I can get my daughter to eat the foods I know she needs. That doesn't mean I have stopped pureeing veggies and slipping them into the spaghetti sauce, macaroni and cheese, pizza sauce, meatloaf......

Start out by getting some 6 cup muffin tins. You can find these at the dollar store. If you want quick and easy clean up you can use muffin cups. There are many fun paper liners that would go along with color or character themes. You can also get silicone muffin liners that would be re-usable and more earth friendly.

Michael's and Jo Ann's usually have 40% and 50% coupons weekly or every other week, check those out before going to buy supplies!

Now, you can use the themes on the website or come up with your own. For instance, today's theme is Valentine's Day so you'd find red or pink or heart shaped foods/drink and put a small amount of food in each cup of your tin. Another theme would be "Big/Little" so you'd find big and little foods: mini pickles, sizes of goldfish, mini and large marshmallows big and little carrots...." Use your themes and expand them through the day. If you have a big/little theme then while playing in your home or out doing errands see how many big and little things you can find.
Here's a "healthy foods" theme

Do a color theme, how many green foods can you find? How many orange or brown or blue or..... You can see where the possibilities are endless. Do a shape theme, cut your foods into circles or triangles or....  Ok, I guess I could go on and on and on so I'm going to stop now. :)  Have fun with this, I know I'm going to!

Don't have muffin tins or don't want to go out and buy them? See what you have in your cupboards at home:

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