Monday, April 9, 2012

Learning iPad app giveaway!


Here is a chance to win a VERY good $50 app for your iPad. Check out the post on the Smart Apps 4 Kids website.

This is from the Smart Apps 4 Kids review:
A suite of well-done games that targets a whole host of developmental skills in a fun way. Impressive but very expensive.

 Injini: Child Development Game Suite can successfully be used with typically-developing children but it was specifically designed for, and tested with, children affected by autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other developmental delays.
Injini is a “Suite” because it is actually 10 learning games in one app: puzzles (90 of them), a balloon game, which helps develop awareness of colors and shapes, eight mini farm-based games, a Find-It activity which works on discrimination skills, Feed the Frog, which is great for developing the fine motor skills, a letters game, and games that focus on matching, patterns, squares and tracing. Most of the games have nine levels, and there are several screens within each level.

There is a wealth of content here...

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