Friday, April 27, 2012

Radio for Kids

Are you finding it harder and harder to find music your kids like and that you will allow them to listen to due to content or language? I sure am! My daughter likes a good hip-hop beat but all that music is SO not meant for her 5 yr old ears. There's Radio Disney but I have had a hard time finding much else. Radio Disney has iTunes and Android apps. They are also on your AM radio at 1440.

I recently came across a couple of other options that I'm really excited about and she is too.

This link to the Pandora blog tells you about 6 different kids stations that they have put together:  Pandora also has an iTunes app as well as an app for the Android systems. You have to have an Internet connection but so many places have free wi-fi these days that it isn't hard to get a connection. You can also enter things like "Mickey Mouse" in the search criteria to get a lot of the kids songs that Disney has done over the years.

MPR RadioMinnesota Public Radio also has a neat station for kids. It's only available on their website and through their iTunes app at the moment (sorry, no Android app that I could find) but you never know when they'll get it on the air. It's called Wonderground Radio and has lots of fun music for both kids and adults. You won't hear the Wiggles on this station. :) 

Speaking of Public Radio there is an online Kids Public Radio that looks good as well.

One last app that was featured in my Family Fun magazine. Its called Fanlala Radio This is a profanity-free music streaming service for teens & tweens (or kids who really like that great rhythm). The free iPhone app (that apparently isn't quite ready for distribution yet) that lets kids listen to the artists they love. Upgrade to unlimited streaming for $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year

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