Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt In the Dark!!

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs/pinterest boards. I've also seen many variations on this idea. This mom took her plastic easter eggs, some small lights found in the wedding section at Michaels (click to see the lights) and made a very fun hunt for her son. Who says you can only hunt eggs at Easter? Who says you have to celebrate Easter for this to be FUN? Here is her post: Illuminated Egg Hunt

My daughter and I (and my husband too) have been having fun with this all weekend. I've seen other posts about this activity where people used glow sticks that have been folded up and stuffed inside the eggs. that would work as well. I like the lights because you can turn them on and off and use them over and over. The ones we bought have replaceable batteries - of course they are the SPENDY kind. We've done this inside, and outside. We all take turns hiding them and then finding them. My daughter has just as much fun finding them as she does hiding them. Give it a try, you can get glowsticks and eggs at the dollar store if you need a less expensive way to get this off the ground.

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