Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spin Art

Here is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to paint with little to no mess. I use a salad spinner I found at IKEA for about $4. We have some tempera paint and I cut templates to fit in the bottom of the basket.
salad spinner with template inside
Pour in paint, I wouldn't do more than 3 colors at a time

Make some scribbles with your paints

Put the lid on, make sure it is fitting correctly may need help, many spinners are hard to start
Ta Da!!!!
We've used these circles as turkey feathers. I've trimmed the circles into apple and pumpkin shapes. We've done brown in the middle and yellow on the edge to make sunflowers, if you do blue paper with white paint they make really cool snowflakes. Ive used these for "Go Away Big Green Monster" we put the colors in the approximate places and then give it a spin, they turn out pretty neat. Use your imagniation and see what you can make these in to.

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