Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cloud Dough and Messy Play

I'd never heard of this stuff before then I found about 10 or more posts on it in a week. So I thought I'd give it a try. Oooooohhhhh this stuff feels soooooo good!

How many of you don't get out the playdoh or paints because they are messy? How many of you have never made ooblek for your kids because it's messy? Well, I'll tell you, YEP it's messy. But part of being a toddler and preschooler is getting messy. I found an article that describes perfectly why this play is so important for children. I'll put that in another post.

But first....the Cloud Dough
8 cups flour
1 cup baby oil (can also use cooking oil)


4 cups flour
1/2 cup baby oil

Mix it all together, kids love this part. When it's all mixed you get a very soft feeling "sand" to play with. It molds easily and crumbles easily. Is it messy? You Bet! Is it fun? Oh yes!

Making a pie for Thanksgiving "you haf a wait mommy"

I think this cutter will work but not the other one

mellon baller, pizza cutter, footed muffin cups

Its a cake for your birfday

See your spiderman candle mommy?

in true Montessori fashion, when done playing she cleans up by herself

this broom is the perfect size for her to be able to clean up herself.

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