Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marble Maze Travel Fun

Spring break is over, Memorial weekend is coming up, summer vacation is fast approaching and I've been wracking my brain for small activities that are little to no mess, easy to transport and don't take up much space to keep my daughter occupied in the car and on planes. So from time to time I'll share what I've found with you. Some will be easy and take no effort, some may take a little work, I've seen some rather complicated ones out there.

The first one I whipped up last night with some scraps of fleece and my sewing machine are some marble mazes. My daughter is really into mazes right now so I thought this might be right up our alley. They are small and fit in my purse and glove box. What great fine motor practice!!

Honestly this took me about 5 minutes, it would be possible to do with some fusible webbing and an iron and then a needle and thread if you don't have a machine.

  1. I started with two 4 1/2 x6 1/2 inch pieces of fabric.
  2. With right sides together I sewed a small quarter inch seam around the edge, leaving a small opening.
  3. Clip corners, then turn right side out.
  4. Sew the maze pattern on your fabric ( make sure you leave enough room for the marble to go through the maze), put the marble inside and then sew up your opening.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely project! I'm trying to plan a maze and labyrinth-themed birthday party for my son, and I hope to make some of these as party favors. Thank you for a brilliant idea!