Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homemade Lunchables

So I introduced you to Muffin Tin Meals a little while ago, here is another great idea. Does your child NEED to have a lunchable when you pass them in the store? Do you buy them when heading out to a quick play date at the park or head out on the light rail to a Twin's game? Do you pack your own lunches on car trips? Here is a great healthy alternative to the highly processed and allergen packed pre-packaged meals.

I think that one of the reasons kids love lunchables just like they enjoy the muffin tin meals is that the food is in fun shapes and colors, and comes in fun little compartments. So take a little extra time to cut the cheese into circles or squares or any other shape you can think of. Cut your bread to match, or make it a different shape all together. You can find crackers in different shapes.....This is one way you can make sure your child is eating healthy, it's still convenient, and for those with children' who have food allergies, your child can have what everyone else is having but still be safe when eating!

I'm definitely going to be doing this when I take my daughter to South Dakota to Grandma's house over Spring Break!!!   ~ Erica Triebenbach

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