Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPad App to Prepare for Flying

There are many apps out there to help parents ease the fears of the first trip to the Dentist or Doctor. This app helps you prepare your child for a trip on an airplane. Airplanes can be very exciting but also very scary. This app goes from packing your suitcase, going through security, boarding the plane, and getting off at your destination. Its very good for little kids and lots of interaction opportunities are available. This app has 4 and 5 star ratings on various sites that I frequent. At this point it is only available for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. I have not seen an Android version yet.
Description from the iTunes Store:  $2.99  (There is a lite/free version as well)

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Familiarize your child with the experience of taking a flight and make them an active participant in the travel adventure. Build anticipation, reduce your child's anxiety, or let them share your trip even if they stay home.

Your child will learn:
* The steps involved in taking a flight, e.g. packing a suitcase, going through security, boarding the plane etc.
* Names of key destinations around the world and a taste of the view and culture
* The location of key destinations on the world map
* Preparing for different weather conditions in their travel destination

Activities include:
* Packing a suitcase
* Driving to the airport
* Going through security
* Boarding the plane - storing luggage and finding a seat
* Fastening seat belt and the takeoff process
* Claiming checked luggage
* Drawing and sending a postcard representing each destination
* Collecting mementos from each destination

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