Monday, October 10, 2011

Multi-Sensory Bath Time

Ok, this is just so cool and fun I had to share it. I found this through a facebook post from 

Add a little food coloring to your bath (it won't stain your tub or you child's skin! yay!) The gal on Imagination Tree also added scents, head on over to her site and see this in action (she has pictures).

We did this at home over the weekend and Autumn had a blast. We did green (and I did add the eucalyptus that she did due to colds in our house) and she decided it made a great swamp for her dinosaurs and alligators.

Now she wants to try a blue bath for her sharks and fish and rays. Unfortunately she only gets a bath once a week so she'll have to wait till Saturday. :)

We did discover that the coloring also tints the bubbles if you do a bubble bath.

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