Monday, May 9, 2011

So Many Fun Things To Do

Where do I start?! I've been poking around on fun blogs put together by moms that obviously have WAY more time than I do. Well, most of them are stay at home moms, so in a way they do have more time. But I've found so many fun things to do that I know I'll never get through them all. I go to one link a friend sends me and then I can't help but follow link after link after link on those pages (getting very lost in the process).  (WARNING: you might get sucked in, I hit link after link after link and had no idea where I'd started!) Here are a few of my favorites:   resources for messy families  zillions of ideas for creative preschool play  Activities, games, and crafts to enhance the development of your child  creative stuff and homemade toys  sharing messy art and craft fun with preschoolers activities that promote play, discovery, and learning creative experiments for kids  simple ways to create, discover, and play

~Erica Triebenbach

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  1. Thanks for visiting and plugging my little blog! I've enjoyed reading yours too.